Next-gen discharge equipment

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Fluid-Bag has announced the launch of its newest generation of discharge equipment, the X-Reel.

Martin Koivusalo, Research & Development Engineer at Fluid-Bag, stated: “We are excited to introduce X-Reel to the market. X-Reel is a great alternative for many industries handling liquids, such as adhesives, sealants, coatings, cosmetics, food, ink, lubes, greases, pharmaceuticals and more. It is also an ideal solution for those looking to upgrade their current discharge equipment.”

Efficient and Flexible

X-Reel uses a winding mechanism to extract the liquid from the 900 or 1000 litre IBC bag, using stretching and rolling force. This process minimizes residue left in the bag and ensures that the bag is emptied almost completely.

This versatile equipment is the latest addition to Fluid-Bag’s Xtractor family, and suitable for liquid handling in different industrial environments.

Advantages of X-Reel:

  • The closed system ensures that the discharge of the bag is done behind closed doors, promoting a good working environment. The machine is designed to work without electricity, with compressed air being the only requirement.
  • Additionally, very low amount of residue (as little as 0.5%) have been achieved with the X-Reel, making it an excellent choice for companies seeking to minimize waste.
  • The design of the X-Reel is compact and efficient, with a lower height than Fluid-Bag's other discharge equipment, making it an excellent choice for different industrial environments.

All in all, the X-Reel is a user-friendly piece of equipment that is easy to operate and handle – perfectly in line with Fluid-Bag's ambition to constantly improve customers' bulk handling of liquids, semi-solids, and high-viscosity products.


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