New travelling barrel heater plate

Paul Boughton

Hillesheim’s newest development is a heated barrel dolly, HBR10, for heating up to 100°C of 200 litre DIN drums. The built-in heater for maintaining the temperature of the barrel's medium has a range from frost protection to 100°C and can also be used outdoors (IP54). The inner diameter is 610mm and the height is 175mm. The material of the barrel heater is aluminium and steel. The barrel heater has a power rating of 1,200W with a voltage of 230 V/AC. Inside the barrel heating plate is integrated a sensor, PT100.

Various different regulator unit designs from Hillesheim are deliverable to provide temperature control for the HBR10 barrel heater. The four steering and two bock rollers are made of polyamide (Ø 100mm) and have a load capacity of 450kg. A separate barrel sensor for measuring the temperature of the barrel substance is also available. Hillesheim also offers different versions of barrel heating mats.

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