New tool for safer bolting at height

Louise Smyth

Carrying out bolting operations at height runs the risk of danger to those working beneath dropped objects. Enerpac has introduce a lightweight solution with patented safety features. The Enerpac DSX-Series aluminium square drive torque wrenches are safe, easy-to -use tools designed for medium-duty use when working at height.

To help to reduce dropped object incidents when working at height, the five models in the series feature a built-in connection point to safely tether the tool to a work belt or bag. A standard ergonomic safety handle also helps to prevent injuries or near misses from loss of tool. When it comes to operator protection, a fully enclosed drive prevents operator contact with moving parts inside the tool.

Made with a high-strength aluminium body, the CE Approved wrenches are lightweight and easy to use – important factors when working at height. Another feature that makes the tool simple to use is a multi-direction 360 x 180° high flow aluminium swivel that helps prevent twisted and tangled hydraulic hoses.

To help make operators more efficient on-site, the wrenches feature a fine-tooth ratchet that prevents the tool from locking on, a 35° rotation angle that assists with repetitive bolt tightening tasks, and a retained push-button quick release.

Additional key features include torque output ranging from 191 to 32.617 Nm, compact nose radius for tight locations, tool accuracy+/- 3% and ATEX approval for bolting projects in in explosive atmospheres.

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