New temperature control jacket

Engineer Live News Desk

Specialist feed systems manufacturer SR-TEK has launched a new temperature control Jacket for its ST Series pressure tanks. The new jacket maintains fluids at anywhere from 0˚C to 100˚C to ensure consistent production.

Already one of the most accurate and compact vessels on the market, with a pressure tolerance of +/- 0.05psi, the new addition provides process engineers with an extra level of fluid control.

The SR-TEK temperature control jacket is manufactured from polyester and reflective mineral wool to ensure maximum insulation, reduced heat loss and improved operator safety. An integrated control panel provides easy temperature setup and read out.

Loris Medart, SR-TEK founder, said: “We aim to give engineers complete process control over the management of fluids. Temperature, like pressure, can impact viscosities and flow rates, with changes of just a few degrees able to cause disruption to production. This latest innovation enables total environmental control and also means that those using highly temperature sensitive liquids such as UV adhesives, epoxies and other thixotropic materials are able to take advantage of the added precision offered by the ST Series.”