New system provides cost-efficient wastewater treatment

Louise Smyth

NCH Europe has launched a new two-part waste water treatment system that is 1,000 times more powerful than standard powder or liquid bacterial formulations. The BioAmp system works in conjunction with NCH’s FreeFlow products, delivering 12 species of food-safe active bacteria into waste streams.

Developed by NCH Europe’s Waste Water Innovation Platform, BioAmp is a range of automated, computer-controlled delivery systems that an end user can easily program. They can automatically dose waste streams daily, reducing the need for manual labour.

The FreeFlow products used by BioAmp deliver roughly 30-500 trillion live bacteria into the waste water system daily, 1,000x more than the nearest competitor. While many products remain dormant in a system for hours before taking effect, the bacteria contained in FreeFlow are active from the moment they enter the system. It is available in both liquid and tablet forms.

FreeFlow’s bacteria were selected due to their ability to easily degrade carbohydrates, proteins, animal and cooking fats, oils and grease (FOG). This makes them effective at removing trapped, decomposing waste that causes foul odours, usually as the result of a blockage of FOG that clogs drain lines or grease traps.

“BioAmp and FreeFlow allow businesses to avoid being exposed to financial, or even legal, implications due to their waste water disposal,” explained Mario Kelly, VP of NCH Europe’s Waste Water Innovation Platform. “Whether a business discharges to sewers or rivers, it must comply with strict regulations that require an effective treatment system.

“The BioAmp system is able to degrade contaminants that contribute to biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD) and suspended solids (SS), reducing the risk of charges or non-compliance.”

Waste water regulation varies between discharge locations. Businesses that discharge their waste water to sewers may face court-imposed fines and internal operating costs based on flow and level of COD and SS contaminants. Discharges to river may have legal implications, determined by discharge parameters of BOD and SS.

BioAmp can be easily integrated with existing waste water treatment equipment and can mount easily in space-restricted locations. Trained NCH personnel service and maintain all of the company's systems, further reducing labour requirements

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