New simulation tool launched

Jon Lawson

EDEM has announced the release of EDEM for Adams – a simulation tool that enables engineers to include realistic bulk material loads as standard in Adams system dynamics analysis without the need for DEM knowledge or expertise in bulk material simulation.

The new tool has been developed specifically for engineers who use the Adams multi-body dynamics (MBD) software rom MSC Software in the design of heavy equipment such as excavators, bulldozers and ploughs that are intended to handle bulk materials such as coal, ores, rocks and soils. When in operation, the performance of such equipment – from stresses on load arms, to the hydraulic forces, to the traction of the tyres and delivery of power – is dependent to some degree on the bulk material being handled. Understanding how equipment will perform in a specific material environment is critical to ensuring an optimal design that combines strength and durability, with performance efficiency.

EDEM for Adams addresses these challenges by providing engineers with the capability to simulate bulk materials and use these realistic loads in Adams system dynamics simulations. Including high-fidelity representation of the loads and the forces acting on equipment reduces the need to rely on hand calculations and approximation when designing heavy equipment and allows for optimised equipment design, reduced physical testing and improved product quality.

The new product is a standalone software tool that connects to Adams using the Adams Co-Simulation Interface (ACSI). During simulation, the coupling transfers the realistic material loads from EDEM for Adams directly into Adams where they are used to calculate the effect on equipment dynamics. The updated dynamics are then passed back to EDEM to provide realistic force-feedback.

EDEM for Adams has a modern and intuitive user interface that enables quick and easy set-up of bulk material simulations. Users benefit from direct access to a library of thousands of material models representing ores, soils, gravels, and more which provides realistic loads for a range of real life materials.

Richard LaRoche, CEO of EDEM, comments: “Using EDEM together with Adams provides engineers with key insight into material-machine interaction and enables them to explore all the changes in an equipment design as well as all the different conditions a machine will deal with. With EDEM for Adams we are bringing this capability to more engineers by removing a key barrier to adoption – the need for specialist know-how and expertise in bulk material simulation.”

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