New silicone sponge for rail industry seals

Jon Lawson

A new silicone sponge that meets the latest harmonised European fire/smoke and toxicity specifications for the rail industry has been developed by The SFS Manufacturing Group.

Fire retardant silicone in solid form has been used in sealing applications by the rail industry for many years, but SFS's new SP-RL grades of silicone sponge have the advantages of reduced weight and improved sealing performance. They also require a smaller closure force than non-cellular silicones, enabling the use of thinner and lighter substrates.

Extruded profiles can be fabricated into gaskets, while the sponge can also be supplied as sheeting or flat die-cut gaskets.

Other products from SFS suitable for use in the rail industry include solid extrusions, silicone hoses, silicone ducting and silicone gaskets, all meeting EN45545-2 HL3.


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