New Sensor Evaluation Board

Engineer Live News Desk

Gas Sensing Solutions has just launched a new Sensor Evaluation Board to market. The SEB allows users to easily assess the performance of a GSS CO2 Sensor in real-time while assessing the suitability for their application with no need to write software in advance.

The SEB, which allows for graphing of CO2, temperature and humidity is included, providing the user with a comprehensive evaluation of the sensor attached. Users can also benefit from  the SEB’s snapshot mode, designed for graphing the sensor’s current. This feature is useful for ensuring that the customers system is able to supply the peak current. For those wishing to log live data but analyse at a later date, the board can log data for subsequent investigation. Additionally, the SEB is designed to communicate with the sensor in UART or I2C Mode, dependant on the sensor requirements and user preference.

When using the Sensor Evaluation Board, a GSS CO2 sensor can be separately powered and all features brought out at the board edge for customer evaluation. The SEB can also be used to set up and zero a sensor remotely.

“By introducing this Sensor Evaluation Board to our product portfolio, our customers are able to gain a comprehensive evaluation of our GSS CO2 Sensors easily without the need to write any software. We believe our customers will find this product useful in both assessing the performance of our sensors as well as offering a comprehensive evaluation with minimal effort on their part,” Julian Hayes, CEO of Gas Sensing Solutions