New sealed wire-to-wire connectors

Louise Smyth

Molex is launching the new Squba 1.80mm pitch sealed wire-to-wire connector system, designed to fit in small spaces and provide protection against liquid, dust and dirt. The connectors carry up to a 6.0A current and provide an IP67 NEMA rating. Seals are retained with caps to provide manufacturers of sensors, lighting, vending machines and liquid dispensers with a durable barrier from moisture and dust.

This Molex product is supremely flexible, with options for two to 10 circuits, operating temperature limits ranging from -40 to +105°C, and 30N of terminal retention. The positive latch is low profile and is designed to prevent wires from getting caught or damaged.
The seal and seal caps protect against on-the-job damage and guard against shipping and handling abuse as well as the possibility of puncturing the seals during assembly. Compared to similar sealed connector products, the system offers a narrower pitch and a larger range of circuit sizes and is both waterproof and dust-resistant.