New plug & play connectivity

Jon Lawson

Fischer Connectors has launched a new plug & play connectivity technology with its product line the Fischer Freedom. 

Aimed at the wearable connectivity market, it meets design engineers´ urgent needs for designing and connecting portable and body-worn applications quickly and easily, thanks to three breakthrough technology innovations. First, mating - no key code allows for 360º mating freedom. Next, locking - ball-locking mechanism with sealing and variable pre-defined force (patent pending), and finally materials - specially designed pins on the plug are IP68 sealed with a membrane (also patent pending).

Due to these innovations, it's ideal for a wide variety of applications within markets such as defence, security, medical, industrial and civil engineering.

Wim Vanheertum, Director of Product Management at Fischer Connectors, explained, "It fulfills in a unique way the need for usability and easy integration that our customers, the design engineers, constantly express - and also our customers' customers: those who use the applications they have designed. Our lightweight, compact, reliable and intuitive solution is easy to integrate into applications operating in diverse and challenging environments, including portable and wearable electronic ecosystems  delivering power and data with optimised cabling: the cable can always go in a straight line to the device, without any twists, turns and tangles."

In certain applications, the need for cable can be eliminated completely when the plug is integrated directly into the housing of devices such as
a camera, a sensor, a light, or a GPS. It offers, in that sense, the wireless (cable-free) without the hassle of a conventional wireless system and thus paves the way for further expansion into breakthrough connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).