New light cure adhesive

Paul Boughton

Intertronics launch the new DYMAX Encompass technology in a range of light cure adhesives, which combine the benefits of colour change once cured with red fluorescence.

This combination offers the significant improvements in production efficiencies gained from rapid on-demand curing while ensuring greatly improved quality outcomes, since it is possible to quickly inspect full adhesive joint coverage and cure, as well as post cure assurance of bond line integrity coupled with material validation post production.

Encompass adhesives exhibit colour change (SeeCure) and red fluorescence (Ultra Red) coupled with light curing capability.

While in an uncured state, Encompass adhesives formulated with See-Cure technology are blue in colour for easy verification of joint fill and placement.  Then as the product cures with sufficient exposure to UV light, its blue colour transitions to colourless and provides obvious visual confirmation that the adhesive is fully cured and the bond site secure.

The further incorporation of Ultra-Red technology within Encompass products causes the product to fluoresce bright red under low-intensity black light (365 nm), contrasting extremely well on plastics that naturally fluoresce blue in colour (like PVC). This allows manufacturers to incorporate automated or manual quality inspection to verify complete and accurate placement of the adhesive after cure, as well as enabling product validation.

Encompass technology is presently available to suit varying substrates including platinum, stainless steel, PC, PVC, ABS, CAP, PA, Nylon 12, PVC, PET and PEBA.


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