New joystick for harsh environments

News Editor

Joysticks for use in harsh environments must be robust and at the same time convert the operator's inputs into precise movements. Megatron's new TRY17 series Hall-effect finger joysticks meet these requirements perfectly.

Whether in mobile remote controls, cleaning machines, agricultural equipment or logistics, machines work under tough conditions in many areas. The control elements of the equipment and systems must therefore be extremely resistant. Megatron has now expanded its range of finger joysticks with the TRY17 series, which has been specially developed to meet these requirements.

The TRY17 range of single axis joysticks are designed for use in the harshest environments: They can withstand salt, water, lubricants, and most chemicals. As a tight rubber sleeve seals all relevant parts up to the control panel, even substances such as cement dust cannot damage the mechanics. Non-contact Hall technology and high-quality mechanics also ensure a long service life for the joystick.

The TRY17 is equipped with dual outputs and connection leads. The installation depth under the panel is virtually zero and is only limited by the course of the connection leads, as all relevant mechanical parts are located above the panel.


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