New IO-Link master modules

News Editor

ifm electronics has extended its range of IO-Link master modules with important product line additions that provide a convenient solution not only for connecting IO-Link intelligent sensors but also for connecting and powering field-mounted actuators that require currents of up to 2 A.

To protect the actuators and the modules in the event of a fault, output current limits for each port can be set by the user. It is also possible to monitor the voltage and current at each port via the IO-Link connection, a feature which is particularly useful for determining the power required by an installation so that this information can be transferred to an ERP system for further analysis.

ifm’s new IO-Link master modules are available in 4-port and 8-port versions. The 4-port versions have Type B ports, while the 8-port versions have 4 Type B and 4 Type A ports. Both types of port can supply currents up to 2 A, but the maximum total loading for the four Type A ports cannot exceed 3.6 A. To ensure compatibility with the widest possible range of control systems, all versions can be supplied for use with Profinet, EtherNet/IP or EtherCat systems.

For all of the new modules, power is connected via standardised L-coded connectors which have a rating of 16 A. The modules can optionally be daisy chained to simplify the power cabling. ifm offers compatible pre-terminated cables which make it easy to ensure that these high currents are delivered without significant voltage drops.