New I/O communication modules

Louise Smyth

I/O communication modules from Conta-Clip's GSM-PRO series provide solutions for remote monitoring, control and maintenance of distributed applications via mobile networks. Now, the connection technology specialist replaces the first generation with the new, same-size versions GSM-PRO2E and GSM-PRO2E-GPS. The new I/O modules also have four relay outputs. But instead of eight, they feature 10 inputs. The I/Os can be configured for digital (24V DC) or analog (0-10V and 0-20mA) signals as required. If users need more inputs and outputs, they can simply add them themselves by inserting E/A extension modules. The new communication modules feature a counter input with a speed of up to 1000 pulses per second.

In cases of input values exceeding or falling below defined thresholds, GSM-PRO2E can automatically notify up to 10 persons per input via text or email. Contacts for individual or group alerts can be selected from an integrated address book. 

GSM-PRO2E provides various logging functions for keeping track of communication events, process values from analog inputs, and the activation of inputs and outputs over time. Users can read out log files via USB or have them sent via email. The accompanying software enables easy parameterisation without programming skills. Even after installing and commissioning the modules, firmware updates and online configuration changes can be easily carried out at any time via the GSM network. Users can simply export complete configurations to other modules to minimise the effort for implementing serial applications. An app for iPhone and Android devices enables fast and easy monitoring and control of the communication module and allows for a quick overview of the status of all inputs and outputs of several GSM-PRO2 modules at once.