New high-resolution linear image sensors

Jon Lawson

The new iC-LFH Series from iC-Haus offers CMOS linear image sensors in four different lengths with 320, 640, 960, and 1024 pixels. The pixel values are output with a clock signal of up to 5MHz.

The 600 μm pixels are pitched at 12.7μm (2000 DPI) without gaps or distortion and are thus ideal for use in triangulation or spectroscopy applications, for example. The integrated control logic needs only a start and clock signal to generate the light/voltage conversion at the analog output. The asynchronous, global, electronic shutter allows a flexible control of the exposure time.

To perform a coarse quick scan, for example, the physical resolution of 2000 DPI can be electronically reduced by a factor of 2, 4, or 8. The resolution reduction is achieved either by averaging (gain unchanged) or binning (gain increase).

The iCs require a 5V supply voltage. To ease the interfacing with 3.3V systems, for example, the analog output driver can be supplied from an additional lower voltage.