New heavy duty cutter range from Enerpac

Jon Lawson

Enerpac has announced a new range of industrial cutters designed for metal bars, industrial chains, wire ropes, cables and metal tubes. The EB-Series Bar cutter combines hydraulic and electric tools to cut through metal bars up to 52mm diameter. User safety is enhanced with the controlled cutting process that produces reduced spark and vibration risk.

For cutting chains up to 32mm, the electric ECC-Series Chain Cutters chain is placed behind a protective transparent shield, enhancing safety for users and bystanders.
The EWC-Series Wire and Cable Cutters offer a way to cut cable and wire rope up to 180mm. The hydraulic and electric cutters provide a controlled cutting process enhancing operator safety and produces minimal vibration to help prevent HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome). 
Tackling the cutting of flat or rectangular metal bars is the electric EFB-Series Flat Bar Cutters. The cutter is recommended for applications in metal fabrication, industrial manufacturing and ornamental iron work. Unlike standard bar cutters, the deep cutting head design accommodates metal bar up to 70 mm high and over 15 mm thick.
For decommissioning projects, the EDC-Series Decommissioning cutters feature a set of large and powerful shear-style blades. These versatile hydraulic tools are able to quickly cut through a large variety of materials including metal tubes, cables, profiles and similar materials.
Complementing the new Enerpac Cutters is a specially adapted ZE6-Series pump. This is designed to generate the precise flow needed to provide the ideal combination of speed and power to those cutter models that require an external hydraulic pump. A 6m twin hose (sold separately) provides mobility. Cutter operations are controlled directly from the tools.

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