New family of offline flyback switcher ICs

Louise Davis

RS Components has announced availability of a new family of offline flyback switcher ICs from Power Integrations that offer efficiency of up to 94% and are designed for use in compact power supply designs.

Targeting the design of power supplies with stringent constraints in terms of energy consumption, footprint and thermal performance, the new InnoSwitch3 family of offline CV/CC (Constant Voltage/Current) flyback switcher ICs achieve up to 94% efficiency over a wide range of varying line and load conditions. The family can also cut power supply losses by a further 25% when compared to the previous generation, enabling the development of small and lightweight power supplies that do not require heatsinks, but can still handle up to 65W of power.

The InnoSwitch3 IC family is available in three series that are optimised for specific applications. The first series is the CE (Current External) series, which delivers accurate CC/CV regulation with external output current sense for optimum design flexibility. It targets compact single-fixed-voltage chargers and adapters for a range of IoT and consumer applications. The CP (Constant Power) series is ideal for USB Power Delivery (PD) applications and is suited for rapid charging and other uses that require dynamic output voltage, including mobile phone charging and notebook adapters. The third is the EP (Embedded Power) series, which includes the family’s highest-rated MOSFET, handling up to 725V. Aimed at demanding industrial applications and appliances, the series provides full line and load protection with excellent multi-output cross-regulation.

All the devices use Power Integrations’ FluxLink isolated digital communications technology, but also add synchronous rectification, quasi-resonant switching and a precise secondary-side feedback sensing and control circuit. Designers can therefore use these devices to produce highly efficient and reliable power supply circuits without optocouplers. The ICs also incorporate a wide selection of protection features including lossless line over-voltage and under-voltage, output over-voltage, over-power, over-current and over-temperature protection, as well as output rectifier short-circuit protection.