New design for tube couplings

Paul Boughton

The highest degree of safety during installation and a functional design: Voss Fluid presents its 24° tube couplings in a new design. Forged moulded parts, including elbow couplings, branch Ts as well as branch Ls and four-way couplings have been optimised with larger spanner flats for installation. The new design is also easy to recognise and enhances the entire hydraulic connection system. Users also profit from greater process reliability and easier handling during installation in the hydraulic system.

As part of a redesign, the spanner flat of the forged blanks has been changed to ensure maximum compatibility with the assembly tool. This means even more accurate installation for users. For example, the risk of the wrench slipping during installation is considerably reduced. The larger spanner flat at the tube coupling also has the advantage that the installation wrench can be applied even under difficult conditions if space is limited. In developing the new design, Voss Fluid has focused on the visual added value for the user in addition to functional advantages. At first glance, components are readily recognisable as products from the connection expert and can easily be integrated in the industry design of state-of-the-art machines for mobile and stationary hydraulic systems.

The 24° program is a global standard and one of the most widely used tube coupling systems. The connection system is leak-proof and resistant to even the most extreme stresses and loads. Thanks to Voss coat, the company's own zinc-nickel surface treatment, products also have long-term and reliable corrosion protection.

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