New coupling range plays key role in testing EVs

Jon Lawson

The rise the number of electric and hybrid vehicles available today demonstrates the commitment by governments and automotive manufacturers alike to meet environmental targets on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Just as traditional internal combustion engines undergo rigorous durability and performance testing as part of their development, so too do the electric motors used to deliver drive to electrically powered vehicles.

With Reich couplings already widely used on combustion engine test benches, it is a natural progression for the company’s technology to play a key role in the testing of EV motors. In keeping with REICH’s philosophy of continual product development, the new FLEXDUR FD-HS coupling range will further enhance REICH’s position as a leading supplier of drive coupling technology to the automotive sector as it continues its transition to Hybrid and EV drive.

These new all steel couplings are designed and manufactured to meet highest standards, particularly in applications where high rotational speeds are required. The coupling uses bushed, flexible disc packs, manufactured from stainless spring steel as power transmitting elements. The special shape of the precision bushes ensures uniform stress distribution across the disc pack and this, together with high-grade fitting bolts, ensures backlash-free torque transmission.

The disc pack is laid out such that it combines high torque capacity with high rotational speed capability and has been specifically designed for test bench applications. The range covers a nominal torque range from 320 Nm up to 12500 Nm. The permissible rotational speeds are tailored to the requirements of the individual unit on test.

The FLEXDUR FD-HS coupling comprises of modular components and as such can be adapted to a wide range of mounting configurations. Designed as a torsionally rigid double-joint coupling with two flexible disc packs, it compensates for axial, radial and angular misalignments and is therefore flexible in all directions. Multiple installation lengths are available as standard. The FLEXDUR FD-HS is supplied as standard with clamping hubs for shrink disc connection and provides a completely backlash-free connection between the shaft and the hub.