New base-mounted, horizontal centrifugal pump

Jon Lawson

The Vertiflo Pump Company offers a rugged, dependable Model 1312 industrial, close-coupled, horizontal, end suction pump for service in general pumping, chemicals, wash systems, deionized water, process and OEM applications. This pump is especially useful for pumping liquid chemicals from tank to tank and into transport delivery trucks.

The Model 1312 is designed for long life in tough services with heads to 160 feet TDH and flows to 240 GPM. 1750 and 3500 RPM sizes are available. Back pull-out design construction allows rotating element to be easily removed, casing remains in piping. Casing may be rotated in 90° increments to accommodate various piping and discharge orientation options or requirements. The close-coupled design saves installation space. Suction and discharge connections are threaded NPT. 

Construction options include cast iron, 316 stainless steel fitted or all 316 stainless steel. Pump volute, impeller and mounting bracket are heavy cast metal. Model 1312 horizontal motor-mounted end suction pumps are designed for use with NEMA standard C-face electric motors. Standard size mechanical seal is a self-aligning design. Semi-open impeller with balance hub is secured to shaft by taper and threads.

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