New adhesives for consumer electronics

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New adhesives for flexible photovoltaics and electronic applications

Organic photovoltaics (OPV) and Perovskite-based systems are creating radically new applications in consumer electronics. They include indoor light harvesting to extend battery life of wearables, and outdoor energy generation with performance in regard of their flexibility previously unimaginable from conventional photovoltaics. The same is true for flexible electronics. A key contributor to these advancements has come from progress in bonding technologies. Panacol accompanies these developments by providing high tech adhesives that elevate flexible photovoltaics to the next level.

Today’s adhesives go beyond the basic benefits of sound structural bonding by providing additional functionality to the assembly. Panacol has successfully developed a range of multi-functional adhesive selections for applications in flexible photovoltaics and electronics. For OPV applications, these adhesives provide higher resistance to environmental stresses, an improved compatibility to the PV material and a good adhesion to the substrates. New conductive adhesives efficiently adhere and protect electrical connections for SMD components in flexible assemblies.

In all cases, the specific requirements of the application and its assembly process are key factors to consider when making an adhesive selection. Significant benefits can be realized when an optimal pairing is achieved with the component design, assembly, (UV) adhesive properties, and the curing process. High throughput processes, including roll-to-roll can be run with greater efficiency which reduces total cost of operation. The adhesives requirements such as flow properties can be modified in this context to suit the application process perfectly.

As new designs are evolving rapidly, very little standardization exists in the manufacturing of OPV. To support this evolution, adhesives must be modified or developed to meet the customers’ unique OPV design, materials, and processes.  Panacol has anticipated this need and is prepared to work with manufacturers to provide adhesive customization and development as quickly as possible.