NDIR gas sensors for CO2 measurement in the vol % range

Jon Lawson

Three new NDIR gas sensors for the measurement of carbon dioxide (CO2) now complement the EVO series from smartGAS: the FLOWEVO CO2 (10 vol. %), FLOWEVO CO2 (20 vol. %) and FLOWEVO CO2 (100 vol. %) NDIR sensors now expand the series, which already includes the FLOWEVO CO2 (2,000 ppm).

The measurement of carbon dioxide (CO2) in process and flue gases plays a critical role in many industrial sectors.

One example is the storage and preservation of food, where an appropriately modified atmosphere prevents  premature fruit ripening. The CO2 content is generally between 2 and 10 vol. %. In the case of combustion systems, the CO2 content in the flue gas allows conclusions about the quality of the combustion process.

When it comes to fermentation processes, cement manufacturing or environmental measuring technology, the CO2 content in the process gas must also be controlled very precisely.

The importance of CO2 emission measurement is addressed by smartGAS with the expansion of its PREMIUM and FLOW series of EVO sensors. Additionally to the FLOWEVO CO2 (2000 ppm) NDIR sensor, the product portfolio has been complemented with NDIR-based CO2 sensors for the measuring ranges of 10 vol. %, 20 vol. % and 100 vol. %. In the coming months, further CO2 sensors of the first generation will be replaced successively by the EVO technology.

The NDIR gas sensors in the FLOWEVO product line are characterised by their optimised optical components, their adjusted software and their flexible power supply, while maintaining the proven smartGAS technology of their predecessors.

The principle of infrared measuring technology ensures that a high level of long-term stability and performance capability is achieved, while the plug & play interfacing of the gas sensors simplifies the connection to your hardware.

As with all NDIR gas sensors in the EVO line, the new FLOWEVO CO2 sensors for the vol.-% range have an ASCII modbus and RTU interface with automatic recognition of the communication settings. The communication speed is up to 38,400 baud. An on-board LED also visually displays the status of the gas sensor.

Beside lower maintenance effort, the benefits of the new technology to smartGAS customers are primarily an even more precise gas analysis and process control, as well as a significantly easier integration into the customer's own units. The result is more efficient operation of the customer's systems as well as significant cost savings.

The new EVO gas sensors are almost completely compatible with the NDIR sensors of the first FLOW and PREMIUM generation.