Multi spectral dynamic imaging

Paul Boughton

A new development thermal imaging specialists FLIR is multi spectral dynamic imaging, MSX technology. This technology takes detail from the visual image to improve the thermal image, making it easier for the operator to see the problem in greater detail. Inspection with MSX is therefore quicker and more effective, reducing time and cost.

MSX technology is now standard on a wide range of FLIR cameras designed for predictive maintenance and building science applications. At the top end of the FLIR T-Series range, this feature is complemented by user-selectable, continuous autofocus which is also unique to FLIR.

For many years FLIR has led the field in portable, optical gas imaging (OGI).  Its technology has allowed the process engineering industries to incorporate Smart Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) programmes to safely and effectively visualise gas leaks. By using a FLIR OGI camera to pinpoint leaks safely and to guide the sniffer probe for quantification, the job is accomplished far more safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The FLIR GasFind IR range of optical gas imaging cameras is able to visualise VOC/hydrocarbons, SF6, refrigerant and carbon monoxide and many other gases.  An increasingly popular model in the range is the FLIR GF320 that adds considerable value to this capability as it is fully radiometric as well. So in addition to gas leak detection, this model can also be used for infrared electrical and mechanical inspection. It’s a shining example of FLIR’s commitment to ensure its customers receive the very best return on their investment.

Many thousands of potential leak sources can be scanned per shift with the FLIR GF320 without having to interrupt the process. As it gives a complete image of the overall facility, areas that do not require further investigation can be eliminated immediately. It also has an in-built GPS, allowing the service team to be directed to the source of the problem quickly and efficiently.  Savings in inspection time and the best use of personnel are clear benefits.

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