Moving forwards in the platform decommissioning industry

Paul Boughton

Within the last four years, the decommissioning and abandonment (D&A) business in the Gulf of Mexico has taken on an unrivalled pace of platform removal and well plugging and abandonment activity. With more than 600 platforms currently eligible for decommissioning in this region alone, momentum of D&A activity continues to grow. At this critical time, getting it right has never been more important.

Globally, the industry has spent nearly $4bn on decommissioning in 2013, with key regions including Gulf of Mexico (GoM), North Sea, Asia-Pacific and West Africa all looking to effectively manage ageing and redundant offshore assets. Leading International Operator Companies (IOCs) are beginning to streamline their approach to D&A at a global level – this only highlights the importance of a flawless D&A strategy and strongly indicates that the removal rates experienced in the GoM will be seen across other key regions in the coming years - triggering a market worth tens of billions of dollars.

But despite the industry progress and active GoM decommissioning record, can offshore oil and gas operators guarantee that their decommissioning strategy is absolutely sound? How will a changing regulatory landscape impact the way in which D&A is approached and executed? How can associated costs be minimised whilst ensuring maximum safety? To what extent can liability provision estimates be proved accurate and reliable? How can the imminent industry threats be turned into opportunities?

To address these key industry challenges, DecomWorld’s Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit is returning for its 6th year to drive forward the industry’s most crucial D&A debates. It will give you the unique opportunity to discuss all of these pivotal challenges and engage with the industry’s highest-calibre experts from top regulators, operators, contractors and service providers.

With exclusive new features so you can gain the key perspectives, the industry’s most cutting-edge and controversial topics will be addressed as part of three expert-led workshops taking place:

* Deepwater, floating facility and large structural abandonment perspectives will be shared with representation from Shell, Chevron, SandRidge Energy, US Coast Guard and TETRA Offshore. Followed by topic-specific roundtable sessions to hone your approach to the most relevant challenges.

* Find out how the global D&A industry is developing with the very latest data analysis and interpretation shared, allowing contractors to spot new and developing opportunities for their services, and provide operators with a global benchmark for their asset retirement operations.

* Join Shell’s Abandonment Finance Manager and industry thought-leader Brian Twomey for a complete picture of the decommissioning cost estimation process. Assess the methodologies from start to finish to implement the most accurate and reliable measures within an organisation.

Put this alongside the ground-breaking keynotes from the likes of the Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), US Coast Guard, National Ocean Industries Association, BP, Chevron, Shell and Stone Energy – equipping you with all the latest industry insight, developments, challenges and more. Project insight, best practice and lessons learned at this level simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Other highlights include:

* Latest insight into Independent Project Analysis’ Gulf of Mexico Decommissioning Study findings – the industry’s only global study designed to benchmark operator performance for D&A costs.

* An exclusive panel session debate between the key Rigs to Reefs program stakeholders, including representation from federal and state regulatory bodies – designed to fill you in on all the latest regulatory changes and environmental options for end-of-life assets.

The 6th Annual D&A Summit culminates with in-depth case study insight from the world’s leading D&A technology and service providers, bringing them together in cutting-edge panel session debates and exclusive presentation talks, covering topics from Well Plugging & Abandonment, Subsea, Pipelines, Facilities, Diving, Salvage and many more focussed industry challenges and trends. You will get leading perspectives on all these critical themes from Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, TETRA Offshore, Weatherford, Versabar, Mammoet Decom, Oceaneering International and many more.

The 6th Annual Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit takes place March 10-12, 2014, Houston, Texas, USA.

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