Moulding a 2 metre seal to ±1mm

Paul Boughton

TRP Sealing Systems moulds a 2 metre seal to ±1mm

TRP Sealing Systems is producing moulded elastomer valve seals over 2000mm diameter. And the tolerance on the inside diameter is just 2mm.

TRP’s range of computer controlled moulding equipment has allowed this degree of precision that would normally be associated with much smaller components.

“Our understanding of elastomers and ability to control our process and production environment has allowed us to accurately control the finished size,” said TRP Sealing Systems’ Technical Director Warren Febery.

TRP Sealing Systems activities include the design and production of elastomer mouldings from product design and process engineering through to prototype and full production. This is based on its extensive knowledge of rubber moulding, rubber to metal bonding and combining rubber with PTFE.

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