Modular transfer system handles heavy loads

Paul Boughton

New from Bosch Rexroth is the TS 5 heavy-duty, modular conveyor system that is designed for transporting loads weighing up to 300kg/m. With an innovative line-shaft design, robust support system, intelligent routing options and maintenance-free operation, the TS 5 is suitable for applications in automotive, appliance and other large-format applications.

TS 5 conveyors feature a highly energy-efficient drive system; the modern 'line shaft' or 'king shaft' powered roller design is maintenance-free, resulting in greater system uptime. Another significant feature of the Rexroth TS 5 transfer system is that it can be configured to transport products on workpiece pallets or directly on a continuous roller track, and it is available in three standard widths.

Mark Dash, manager of automation solutions at Rexroth notes: "With the direct-mount configuration of the TS 5, the added cost of workpiece pallets and the costs associated with a pallet return mechanism are eliminated."

Production engineers can plan and implement Rexroth TS 5 transfer systems that are matched to the individual requirements of their applications; this is thanks to Rexroth's comprehensive selection of standardised conveyor system components. Curves, diverters and junctions are available as separate, self-contained units that enable engineers to achieve a wide variety of conveyor system layouts quickly and easily. Furthermore, since the rollers are permanently driven within the routing areas, there are no issues arising from product accumulation.

All components – drive modules, workpiece pallets, roller sections, curves, diverters, positioning units and components for traffic control – come pre-assembled and can be combined together using a single interface. Rexroth's MTpro software program, which is a planning tool that contains 3D drawings of all TS 5 components in common formats, eases system configuration, and a parts list is generated automatically. This provides freedom for fast, simple and cost-effective system planning and expansion, or reconfiguration in the future, even for very long production lines.

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