Mobile tool for PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet

Jon Lawson

Most processes gearing towards Industry 4.0 will operate in a mixed architecture, where older networks and Industrial Ethernet networks work side by side. With this situation in mind, Procentec developed the next evolution in their diagnostic eco-system, the Procentec Mercury.

The Procentec Mercury is a robust tablet which features their cross-platform software package called Osiris. Mobile, multi-protocol diagnostics for all environments, perfect for troubleshooting, maintenance and monitoring Industrial Ethernet, PROFINET and PROFIBUS networks. This handheld device is fast, has an easy to use interface suitable for use in industrial environments

A unique, brand-new feature is the Procentec Commissioning Wizard. It automatically walks you through the steps necessary to meet the PROFINET standards for network commissioning. Preparing PROFINET or Industrial Ethernet certification reports is easy, as each step is accompanied with the necessary information provided by Procentec Delphi.

The Procentec Delphi shares the knowledge Procentec have built up over the past 20 years of performing diagnostics on industrial networks. It is a unique software feature which offers guidance in plain everyday language. Procentec Delphi is part of the Osiris software and therefore available on the Procentec Mercury and Procentec Atlas.