Mining specific battery chemistry

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In 2022 the Charge On Innovation Challenge set out to fast track the commercialisation of effective solutions for charging mining vehicle fleets and helping the transition to decarbonise mining operations. Another goal of the initiative was to show that there is a dynamic market for these solutions and that the battery industry should invest in the development of battery chemistries and technologies suited to the unique demands of heavy-duty industrial applications like mining.

The Charge On Project had some clear goals. With 80% of a mine’s emissions coming from the fleets of diesel-powered trucks used in their operations, to decarbonise, a new electric solution for large haul trucks needs to be found. The challenge is complicated by the need for unprecedented power levels that will be required for these vehicles. And of course the requirement for cost efficient options that will have a positive impact on the bottom line and reduce operational costs over the lifetime of the vehicle.

That was in 2022. What has happened since? How have the ambitions of the project and the innovation of the winners moved forward since then. Echion’s talk at The Electric Mine will be given by Chief Commercial Office, Ben Ting, and will focus on the learning and progress that has been achieved since then. This is done from the unique perspective of being the only winning entry to include the use of new battery chemistry to solve the challenges presented by haul trucks and other vehicles in the mining fleet.

Working and engaging with miners after Charge On has brought to light further challenges that will need to be addressed. For example, miners not knowing enough about, or having enough experience with, the battery or hydrogen electrification options to decide on the most efficient options for their operations. How do they achieve the lower total cost of ownership that they need? How can they keep up with developments and evaluate those solutions?

The talk will bring together these strands to both update on the progress of the development of a mining specific battery chemistry and how feedback from miners, OEMs and battery manufacturers is informing that evolution. There is an alternative to the ‘off the shelf’ battery choice and engagement between innovators like Echion and miners brings an industry specific battery solution closer to commercialisation.

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