Miniature pressure and vacuum switches

Paul Boughton

Sensing and switching specialist Herga Technology, has launched a new range of miniature setpoint-adjustable pressure and vacuum switches for monitoring and control applications with a choice of mounting, port orientation and electrical connection options for maximum installation flexibility.

The diaphragm actuated HPS 500 and 600 series offer pressure, vacuum and differential switching from 0.25 to over 4000 mbar with very high sensitivity, excellent repeatability and generous proof pressures. With a mounting footprint of around 25 mm2 and factory set or adjustable actuation setpoints, the range covers voltage/current ratings from 30V DC/40mA through to 250V AC/15A.

The HPS 500 series switches offer SPST normally open switching and a low pressure range from 0.25 to 1.25mbar with a Teflon diaphragm. Maximum pressure range options, with a polyurethane diaphragm, are 374 to 1370mbar. Packaged in a durable glass-filled polyester case and with no sliding or pivoting parts, the range suits general purpose low pressure switching for OEM applications with a long working life of 20 x 106 cycles. A choice of four installation form factors with convenient pressure port orientation and easy access to the integral actuation point adjustment screw ensures straightforward mounting.

The HPS 600 series combine many of the features of the 500 series but offer higher pressure switching from 1.25 to 4144mbar and vacuum pressure from 5 to more than 900 mbar. With snap action SPDT switching for higher current loads and optional gold contacts available for optimum milliamp load performance they are housed in a thermoplastic case with a urethane diaphragm as standard to suit most common media types.

Special versions, with different diaphragm material, alternative switch types and non-standard range settings are available on request.