Miniature grippers offer big benefits

Paul Boughton

Today's demands for miniaturisation require the use of ever smaller components and tools. Schunk is therefore introducing new sizes 16, 20 and 25 in its successful MPZ miniature grippers range. Suitable for many automation tasks, these compact but powerful three-finger centric grippers can be used anywhere in small part handling systems, such as for handling and mounting products including needles, microprocessors or small electrical components.

Just like the larger models in the range, the three smaller grippers have the same proven and accurate T-groove guidance, which is guaranteed via hardened and ground steel base pads, ensuring reliability and excellent performance. The optional gripping force safety device is particularly notable, as it is seldom available for very small grippers. When the gripper is opened and closed, the gripping force is secured via small springs that can, for example, prevents loss of components, should the pneumatic pressure suddenly drop.

Schunk also offers compact and reliable magnetic switches as options even for these small grippers, as well as inductive sensors that can be installed without additional mounting kits. Schunk also recommends the use of the recently introduced MMS-P magnetic switch, which impresses with its simple and safe programmability and enables the use of a single sensor instead of two sensors, as it can detect two positions.

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