Methane monitoring in mines protects lives and environment

Paul Boughton

Methane monitoring specialists Trolex has introduced Sentrum, a device delivering accurate and reliable methane recovery monitoring.

The Sentrum system has already been installed in many mines around the UK, China, Australia and South America including involvement with Alkane Energy and an EU funded methane extraction project. 

Sentrum is the first system of its type that is certified for use underground and the first to be able to differentiate between methane and other non-methane hydrocarbons so accurately. It does this by sampling the gas on a continuous basis and uses infra-red detection coupled with other special processes. It uses an initial gas analysis to ‘train’ the system and subsequent analysis can be used for fine-tuning.

Removing methane gas from underground coalmines is a very necessary safety measure yet a new awareness of the value of waste gases for power generation, or for direct sale to aggregators, has led to a demand for increased accuracy in monitoring the extraction processes for these gases.

In the EU funded methane extraction project based in China and India, a remote data monitoring system is employed providing real time information to the UK for analysis.

Thirty Trolex Sentrum systems are installed at 15 Alkane Energy sites across the UK.

Wayne Straw from Alkane Energy explained why they chose the systems: “Accurate gas analysis and monitoring is vital for safe and successful utilisation.  We are generating electricity from expensive generator sets and providing the best protection is paramount.”

Trolex designs, develops and installs monitoring packages for methane drainage and methane extraction monitoring. Trolex’s methane recovery monitoring systems are precision-engineered to meet the needs of each individual project, and are installed by a dedicated engineering team to ensure full system compatibility and safety integrity for working in hazardous areas.
To highlight the necessity of using reliable gas sensing equipment in potentially dangerous environments, Trolex has launched a Sentrum microsite that is dedicated to its methane recovery monitoring systems.

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