Managing power performance

Paul Boughton

ROHM Semiconductor is announcing the general availability of Power Management ICs (PMICs) based on the Intel Atom processor E3800 family.

The Intel Atom processor E3800 product family is a system-on-chip designed for intelligent systems, delivering outstanding compute, ECC, HD graphics processing, and media performance while operating in an extended range of thermal conditions.

Based on the Silvermont microarchitecture, these devices are fabricated on Intel’s industry-leading 22nm process with 3-D Tri-Gate transistors, which deliver significant improvements in performance and energy efficiency. The family members offer low power consumption levels that range from 6 to 10 Watts.

Used in combination with ROHM’s optimised power management solutions, which feature power conversion efficiency, results in systems that also deliver very low power consumption, with a minimal PCB footprint, and few external parts.

Intel’s newest product family is suited for a broad range of applications such as in-vehicle infotainment systems, interactive kiosks, intelligent vending, ATMs, point-of-sale terminals as well as portable medical devices.

ROHM PMICs utilise superior analog technology, ensuring outstanding performance in the most demanding applications. In addition, our customer support network spans 10 design centers located across the globe.

ROHM’s newest PMIC, the BD9596MWV, integrates an intelligent power supply core with transient load response, along with a 16-channel system power supply consisting of a 2channel DC/DC controller, three-channel DC/DC regulator, 2channel IMVP7 Lite controller, eight-channel LDO, and 1channel Load switch – all in a single 10mm2 package. This eliminates the need for users to develop and verify their own complex power solution that requires complicated sequences and associated circuit design, with multiple analog components, in a larger PCB area.

In addition, the start-up sequence and clock function is built in, compatible with the Intel Atom processor E3800 product family,(which is typically controlled by a microcontroller), reducing customer design effort significantly.

ROHM PMICs also reduce mounting area by 50 per cent and requires 40 per cent fewer parts than comparable discrete configurations, contributing to end-product miniaturization and improved reliability. Additional features include multiple protection circuits (ie UVLO, TSD, SCP, OVP), a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 95°C), and a built-in power supply that operates from 3.5V and maintains stable operation even during supply voltage drops – ensuring support even for automotive applications.

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