Managing flexible SMT production

Paul Boughton

Essemtec's SMART solution is a holistic, modular and flexible system of matching and interacting hardware and software tools for SMT production.

SMART solution provides the fundamental functions required for managing flexible production, supporting growth and adapting quickly to changing requirements.

The modular nature of this concept protects the customer’s investment as it enables him to upgrade to a higher level of sophistication as his business needs to change.   

Essemtec’s intelligent feeder system for pick and place machines allows more flexibility, as feeders can be exchanged during production (hot-swap feeders). These feeders can move the production start forward because the machine preparation can be achieved in parallel to the current production.

The graphical, touchscreen-based eeZ technology software interface simplifies correct entries and allows intuitive zooming, moving and selection.

Many other features, such as a component verification unit (CVU), traceability solution by active bar coding and a fully integration of the production line in the customer’s ERP systems, supports the customer where needed.   

With the Scorpion, Essemtec has developed a machine platform that combines all conditions for extremely fast and accurate dispensing.

Scorpion is able to dispense up to 100,000 dots per hour. In that case, the Scorpion is equipped with the ultra-fast jet valve.

In addition to the jet valve, further valves such as the Archimedean screw valve, the time-pressure valve or the piezo flow valve can be used on the machine at the same time. Up to four different dispensing valves can be installed simultaneously.

Thanks to eDis-software easy programming and operation allow for the use of a wide range of dispensing applications, including adhesive dispensing, encapsulation, dam and fill, underfill, LED cavity fill, coatings, sealings and other applications.     

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