Magnetic-driven pumps boost sulphuric acid process

Louise Davis

CP Pumpen AG has won an order to supply five of its magnetic drive MKP pumps to a customer in Benelux. The pumps deliver a performance from 250 to 500m3/h for a total head of 17 to 31 meters. Made of high-quality Hastelloy they are meant to handle one of the most aggressive fluids safely – 98.5% sulphuric acid with a maximum temperature of 100°C.

CP Pumpen is known for its distinct pump offering for very demanding chemical applications. Pumps in PFA or ceramic lining or in PTFE are sold worldwide besides a complete portfolio of metallic standard pumps in stainless steel and other high-grade alloys. In the current case, the customer opted for metallic MKP pumps in Hastelloy tailored to his specific requirements.

The sulphuric acid pumps have to operate reliably and safely in order to prevent any downtime of the plant. Here CP’s MKP could make a difference: The pump design based on a unique drive configuration is particularly robust and reliable. In addition, the MKP pumps are monitored by a highly responsive thermocouple mounted on the containment shell which measures the shell’s temperature. In case of an overheating of the pump it sends a signal to the operator to prevent non-permissible operating conditions. Thus, it protects the pump units from any damage or any malfunction.

CP's sealless magnetic drive pumps (MKP, MKP-S, MKP Bio, and MKTP), developed to meet even the most stringent demands of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, feature a single impeller-bearing assembly that is optimally lubricated and cooled by the pumped fluid. These features enable to convey even fluids that contain solid particles up to 30%. The pumps are constructed of just a few robust components. The very compact and modular design based on few easy to assemble parts makes maintenance and servicing an easy task.


MKP – CP’s stainless steel mag drive pump

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