Heat exchangers and coolers for oil and gas applications.

Luvata has been manufacturing heat exchangers and coolers for many different industries and for many different applications, including the oil and gas industry, for quite some time. In addition to delivering highly-specialised, high-quality heat exchanger and cooler solutions, Luvata is your full service project manager in managing the volumes of paperwork and regulations often associated with these types of installations. For this intensely regulated market we include the necessary quality verifications, certifications and administrative support to make meeting the industry’s stringent requirements easier on you.

Material selection
Luvata has extensive experience in working with a wide variety of materials, for example  titanium, stainless steel, acid proof steel, painted steel, galvanized steel, copper, copper/nickel, aluminum, aluminium/magnesium and brass. Each product is available in a variety of combinations, with or without coatings. All pressure retaining parts can be delivered with material certificate according EN 10204-3.1 or similar ASME material certificate. If required, other parts can also be delivered with material certification.

Air blast coolers for oil & gas projects
The Luvata air blast cooler offers a wide range of options such as vibration sensors, temperature transmitters and flow measurement devices.
For oil or gas projects, Luvata can prepare a complete package that combines the wide range of accessories and options into a completely customised air blast cooler design.  The complete package, with recommended accessories, is included in the quotation and it´s all defined in the detailed dimensional drawings.

Built-in flexibility, value-added customization
With our extensive list of products, combined with a wide range of available options, we provide flexibility in building the exact solution for the exact industrial application. And if this flexibility isn’t enough, our experienced design and engineering department will provide a specified quotation for a customized solution that does. After all, no two applications are often exactly the same.



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