Linear synchronous motor for large machining centres

Paul Boughton

The Schaeffler Group has launched a new range of synchronous linear motors that offer peak loads of 13,000N and deadweight of 45kg, ssuitable for use on large machining centres.

The Schaeffler Group has now extended its range of IDAM-branded direct drives technology with the launch of a new range of synchronous linear motors that offer peak forces of up to 13,000N and which achieve extreme guidance accuracies.

The new IDAM L2U range of synchronous linear symmetrical motors reach peak forces of up to 13,000N, with deadweight of around 45kg. This means that customers can now equip large machining centres with these motors.

The primary advantage of this motor technology is that it compensates for any magnetic forces generated between motors and magnets. The resulting unloading force leads to a much longer service life.

In addition, accuracies are maintained for longer periods and friction-induced heat generation is reduced. Schaeffler has achieved this by using an iron-core linear ac synchronous motor with two symmetrically opposed secondary parts.

The reduced iron content in the movable primary component further reduces the mass in the three-phase motor. The lower deadweight of the L2U motors, relative to the payload, has a positive effect for highly dynamic applications with relatively low payloads (up to ten times the mass of the primary part).

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