Linear actuator has a 1.5mm travel range

Paul Boughton

The V-900KPIC PIMag linear actuator is a compact and cost-effective drive for dosing, testing and focusing applications.

It features a 1.5mm travel range and attains high scanning frequencies of several 100Hz and over 100 million cycles.

To achieve this performance, Physik Instrumente (PI) dispensed with mechanical components such as gear or guiding rails and combined a direct magnetic voice coil drive with flexure guiding.

The wear-free flexure guiding system is based on the elastic deformation of metal joints, a principle which prevents lateral motion of the mechanical output and ensures high travel accuracy as well as a high lifetime.

PI has been using this guiding system for a long time now in piezo-based nanopositioning systems, designed to perform several billion motion cycles in continuous operation.

For closed-loop operation, the V-900KPIC is equipped with a linear encoder with 0.1 µm resolution

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