The latest USB audio module

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Enhance your display module or monitor with the IF442 USB audio module: unleash immersive stereo sound and versatile functionality

Display Technology introduces the new IF442 USB audio module, bringing a new perspective to the audio experience for display modules and monitors. With its exceptional features and seamless integration capabilities, this cutting-edge module offers unparalleled audio performance and versatility.

The IF442 USB audio module delivers an unparalleled audio experience by effortlessly driving two speakers with an impressive power output of 8W up to 5.3W(RMS)/channel. Whether you're watching movies, gaming, or listening to music, the module ensures crystal-clear, immersive stereo sound that enhances every aspect of your multimedia experience.

Convenient and flexible microphone inputs designed with convenience in mind, the IF442 USB Audio Module provides two mono microphone inputs, allowing you to effortlessly connect external microphones. Ideal for conferences, presentations, and intercom systems, this feature enables seamless communication and clear voice reproduction, ensuring every word is heard with utmost clarity.

Unleash the full potential with IF443 microphone boards for optimised performance (available upon request), the IF442 USB Audio Module can be paired with our specially designed IF443 microphone boards. Together, they form a powerful audio system that transforms your display module or monitor into a versatile conference, information, or intercom monitor. Elevate your communication and collaboration experiences with seamless integration and uncompromising audio quality.

Elevate your display module or monitor to new heights with the IF442 USB Audio Module. Experience immersive stereo sound, flexible microphone inputs, and seamless customization options. Whether for professional applications or personal enjoyment, this module is the perfect audio solution for enhanced productivity, engagement, and entertainment.