Laser micrometer offers twice the measuring range

Paul Boughton

Laser micrometers are now available from Micro-Epsilon that provide more than double the existing measuring range.

The two new models are called optoCONTROL 1202-75 and optoCONTROL 1202-100.

The measuring range of these two new devices are 75mm and 100mm respectively.

The sensors are therefore suited to applications where previously two laser micrometers had to be used, since the measuring range of one sensor was insufficient.

An additional controller unit is not required for the two new models.

Nevertheless, the transmitter and receiver unit has a height of just 30mm. For both measuring instruments, the transmitter is separate from the receiver; therefore, the measuring instrument is extremely flexible for mounting. The measuring device is fully digital with a CCD array as the receiver.

In this way, a very high, independent linearity of 0.2 per cent is possible. The laser light and interference filter make the device insensitive to external light influences. The transmitter projects a laser beam to the receiver.

Objects in this beam cover part of the light, enabling precise evaluation of the geometry of the object (edge, diameter). optoCONTROL is the preferred choice in production and quality assurance environments for non-contact and dynamic measurements on running conveyor belts, extrusion lines, drawing processes, production machinery and automated equipment

Micro-Epsilon propducts are used in in many different sectors, inclduding conveying; measurement and automation; chemical industry, process automation; electrical engineering, electronics, semiconductors; glass, ceramics; hydraulic systems, pneumatics; plastic, rubber; food and beverage; mechanical engineering; metallurgy; paper and printing technology.

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