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Founded in 1929 as a retail company for mineral oil products, today, Klüber Lubrication is one of the world's leading manufacturers of speciality lubricants offering high performance solutions to virtually all industries and markets worldwide. With over 2500 oils, greases, waxes, pastes and bonded coatings our innovative lubrication solutions are made to specific customer requirements and designed with the application in mind. All products are then thoroughly tested to meet the demands of the industry, such as high temperatures, harsh environments or aggressive media.

As a global company Klüber Lubrication is passionate about innovation and delivering ambitious technical concepts that are sustainable and environmentally acceptable. Our product range includes environmentally acceptable lubricants for the Marine Industry which meet Ecolabel and OSPAR requirements, biodegradable lubricants for the Rail Industry where environmental contact cannot be avoided, food safe lubricants for use in the Food Industry with more than 270 NSF H1 products registered and all production plants certified to ISO 21469 standards, and high-performance gear oils for the Wind Industry that can withstand heavy loads and the weather!

As well as high performance lubricants we also focus on educating customers on lubrication best practice that is integral to long term asset reliability and operational efficiency.  Our World Class Lubrication programme is geared towards autonomous maintenance that delivers measurable energy savings, increased plant efficiencies, lower operating costs, a reduction in CO2 emissions, improved hygiene, lower consumption of cleaning agents and less lubricant wastage - all of which supports your continuous improvement initiatives and sustainability goals.

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