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Innovative tribological solutions are our passion.
Speciality lubricants are our business. We offer our customers expert tribological solutions by supplying tailor-made speciality lubricants directly to customers in almost all branches of industry and regional markets. Our customers include producers of components, modules, machines and systems as well as companies using this equipment in their production or process activities.

Klüber Lubrication manufactures over 2,000 different speciality lubricants, many of them developed and manufactured to specific customer requirements. With highly competent customer consulting and wide-ranging services, our employees have established a reputation for Klüber Lubrication reputation as a partner of excellence to all industries and trades.
With more than 80 years of experience, significant expertise in the industry, numerous certifications, some 130 research and development engineers and other technical specialists as well as high-performance testing facilities, Klüber Lubrication are one of the leading speciality lubricants suppliers worldwide.

Speciality lubricants for all components and industries
Customer requirements vary significantly with their fields of activity. Consequently, the structure of our company maps that of the market so that the individual wishes and needs of customers can be satisfied.
Recent product launches have included bio-degradable lubricants for shipping companies reducing their environmental impact; hygienic lubricants, passing the most stringent of standards, for use in the pharmaceutical industry.  Special heavy load lubricants that are clear for slew gear lubrication on wind turbines eliminating black streaks on the towers and new biodegradable wheels flange lubricants for the rail industry reducing wear and protecting the environment at the same time.

Getting lubrication right
What you rightfully expect from lubricants made by Klüber Lubrication goes naturally for our support system as well: quality of the highest level, and a diversity that is unparalleled. This diversity not only reflects the many lines of business that we help it has also evolved from the many individualised solutions which Klüber Lubrication has developed for, and with, our customers.
It is not only important that your machinery runs reliably; but that it runs efficiently, and for a long time. It is also important that you know that the subject of lubrication is being taken care of with a competent partner.  What matters most to us is your satisfaction with our service.

We know from you, our customers, that you attach major importance to comprehensive and competent levels of service and that your needs and expectations can be vastly different. We have developed and built a range of service modules that complement one another and can be freely combined or selected individually:

  • KlüberEnergy – for all your questions on lubrication technology;

  • KlüberMaintain – for training your staff;

  • KlüberMonitor – for the creation of lubrication charts, the use of dedicated software and the labelling of lubrication points;

  • KlüberRenew – for monitoring the condition of both the lubricant and machinery;

KlüberEfficiencySupport is your route to optimising lubricant usage.  Ensuring that, the right product, is in the right place, at the right time and in the right amount is just the start.  Working with your team to ensure that they have the skills they need to optimise lubrication starts with KlueberCollege.  Working with them through on-site lubricant and process optimisation delivers savings in both lubricant usage along with parts & labour.  More importantly it frees time to attend to other maintenance tasks.  Supporting product performance with excellence in lubrication testing and examination services ensures you get the performance you expect.

Whether in automotive or cement, wood & paper or food & pharmaceuticals, Klueber Lubrication is your global specialist.


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