J.H. Fletcher & Co.

Celebrating 80 Years of Underground Mining Equipment

J.H. Fletcher & Co. celebrates their 80th anniversary of serving the underground mining industry. The company was founded in 1937, by James Herbert Fletcher, with the idea to engineer and manufacture rubber-tired haulage equipment for the coal mining industry. Fletcher was originally located in Chicago, Illinois, but shortly after opening their doors, found their permanent headquarters in Huntington, West Virginia in the 1940s.

Fletcher soon became a pioneer in the production of roof bolters. Advancements in safety and productivity of roof bolting in the USA have always been associated with Fletcher, who invented and patented aspects of the automated temporary roof support system (ATRS). In 2000, the company expanded its line of production to include the industrial mineral and rock divisions.

Today, Fletcher is the world’s leading manufacturer of custom-built roof bolting machines. Fletcher roof bolters are part of a complete line of roof support products, including the following: mobile roof supports, narrow bolters designed for both low and high seams, panline bolters, and passby bolters.

Fletcher roof support is accompanied by an entire line of underground equipment, including: drill jumbos, powder loaders, prime movers, scalers, and specialty equipment. Fletcher’s line of equipment is focused on serving a variety of industries, including, but not limited to the following: coal, industrial mineral, metal, and construction.

Fletcher strives to maintain the core values it was founded upon. “Our goal is to manufacture equipment for underground mining that increases safety and production through engineering innovation, quality control, experienced service and ownership stability,” as stated by J. Robert Fletcher, Owner.

Presently, Fletcher is represented and supported world-wide, making finding parts and distributors easier than ever.

To learn more, visit www.jhfletcher.com, or call Fletcher’s toll free number at 1 (800) 543-5431



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