Iron ore project welcomes advanced machinery

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An array of innovative machinery are poised to make an inaugural appearance at an iron ore project in Guinea.

In November 2019, Winning Consortium Simandou was awarded the mining concession to develop Simandou Iron Ore Blocks 1 & 2 in the Republic of Guinea. The Simandou iron ore mine is the largest source of untapped open-pit iron ore deposits with the highest-grade iron content in the world.

Now, the project has acquired equipment from Beijing MMD Mining Machinery Co that include a range of advanced machinery designed to streamline various aspects of the mining process. These technological advancements are expected to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious mining operation, aligning with Winning Consortium Simandou’s commitment to responsible resource extraction.

Among these key acquisitions include three semi-mobile sizing stations (SMSS), three apron plate feeders and three sizers tailored to meet the specific needs to develop Blocks 1 & 2 of WCS’s project.

SMSS are modular units, which relocate intermittently as a mine develops – leveraging the flexibility of truck haulage and combining with the efficiencies of conveyor haulage. With only short haulage routes from the mine face to the sizing station in the pit, WCS should see significant savings in its energy usage, road development and maintenance costs, delivering a lower cost per tonne.

Meanwhile, apron feeders handle high impact loads from large coarse material directly dumped. According to the MMD Group, this technology provides a reliable and controlled feed to downstream equipment, optimising production and efficiency of the Simandou project.

Each semi-mobile sizing station includes MMD’s 1150 Series Sizer and its D10 Apron Plate Feeder, which can handle 4,500TPH run of mine iron ore required. To provide maximum system availability, WCS have also purchased a spare set of shafts for quick replacement and relevant technical support and service for installation of the three sizing stations.

“Beijing MMD has done 60 plus SMSS in China, Jordan, Pakistan, and Congo, and has sold over 600 Sizers in China alone,” says Ben Zhang, president of Beijing MMD. “It is the first time for us to be able to provide semi-mobile sizer stations into Guinea.”

Martin Vorster, group managing director, adds: “As a company, we recognise the scale and importance of the Simandou project. We are extremely pleased that WCS has chosen MMD Group equipment to help excavate Blocks 1 and 2.”

The investment in MMD Group equipment marks a pivotal moment in the WCS project’s evolution, solidifying Winning Consortium Simandou’s position as a key player in Blocks 1 & 2 of the Simandou project, committed to responsible and technologically advanced resource extraction.

WCS are collaborating with the government of Guinea and Rio Tinto to develop Blocks 1 & 2 and to co-develop the infrastructure needed to export mined iron ore from the far southeast of the country to Guinea’s maritime borders and beyond. These include 600km of rail infrastructure as well as port infrastructure on the coast of the Forécariah prefecture in Guinea.


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