IO-Link compatible servo drive controller

Paul Boughton

Festo has launched the CMMO-LK low cost drive controller, the world’s first IO-Link controlled servo drive. The CMMO-LK can be connected with any IO-Link master or any Modbus TCP Ethernet port, allowing for easy system integration across many applications.

There is no need to buy or download specialist software for commissioning, the controller carries its own web server allowing customers to parameterise it with any web browser on any type of computer. The system will even automatically connect to the Festo cloud parameter server to ensure it has the latest parameters for motor, axis and controller, so tuning is optimised for the user.

With features such as safe torque off, integrated inputs for referencing and Ethernet diagnostics, this compact controller offers time and cost saving features. A file is provided with the CMMO-LK to ensure simple set up allowing machine builders to plug & play almost instantly.

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