Intuitive multi-sensor programming

Paul Boughton

CAMIO offers true multi-sensor capability, allowing best-practice selection of sensor technology for each task. By combining touch trigger, analogue scanning and 3D laser scanning sensors within the same inspection program, the right inspection results are obtained in the fastest way.

Nikon Metrology’s CAMIO provides a rich programming environment, with intuitive software tools for both tactile and laser scanning applications. The program editor provides an easy to follow, iconised view of the inspection program. Simply clicking on the CAD model initiates a measurement sequence. CAMIO automatically applies the optimum measurement strategy based on the feature and sensor selected. For measuring complex surfaces, CAMIO will automatically generate scan paths that result in fast and smooth laser scanning moves that closely follow the part surface.
To support off-line program validation, the software provides full machine simulation and collision detection. Any potential collisions are highlighted and can be corrected before the first part is measured, avoiding costly CMM down-time when proving out new inspection programs.
When deploying laser scanning on a tactile-based CMM, the tactile probe commands of existing DMIS programs are easily converted into laser scanning commands. Reusing existing part programs not only reduces the cost of implementing laser scanning, but also enables users to start inspections plans directly using laser scanning.

Standard report templates facilitate instant reporting, while configuration tools provide the flexibility to create bespoke designs. Tabulated tables, graphical reports and form plots can now be combined in one concise report, and shared with a wider audience using popular Microsoft and Adobe file formats. Both tactile and laser scanning results can be integrated into a single report.

With the new CAMIO Point Cloud Analysis module, a wide variety of inspection tools including intelligent feature extraction with GD&T tolerancing, profile analysis, and full part-to-CAD is available. CAMIO is optimised for processing large point clouds, making it perfectly suited to inspection of sheet metal panels or assembled car bodies.

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