Integrated digital I/O module

News Editor

Audio Precision, an Axiometrix Solutions brand, introduces its HDMI2 + eARC module, a fully integrated digital I/O module enabling direct connection to HDMI2 and eARC audio devices. This innovative solution gives designers and manufacturers the ability to easily test audio in a wide range of HDMI audio-compatible devices, including streaming media players, televisions, soundbars, receivers, and Blu-ray™ players, with the unparalleled confidence you expect from Audio Precision (AP) analyzers.

“HDMI is a ubiquitous interface for connecting displays and home-theater audio devices. The latest update to the standard, v2.1, supports ultra-high-definition video and additional audio functionality including the enhanced audio return channel, eARC. To date, no company has provided a solution for simple and efficient testing of the audio features of these devices. Today Audio Precision brings to market a new interface module that makes it as easy to test HDMI2 and eARC audio as we have previously made testing other analog and digital audio interfaces.” – Daniel Knighten, General Manager, Audio Precision

The new module is a turn-key solution that supports all audio formats embedded in HDMI. The HDMI2+eARC module closes a gap in consumer electronics device testing enabling the verification of audio embedded in high definition (HD) HD and Ultra-HD video signals, both generated and received. It facilitates verification of ARC and eARC, sink, and source audio channels while supporting 1K, 4K, and 8K video modes. With the ability to handle up to eight channels of linear PCM audio at up to 192 kHz sample rates, it also enables playback of pre-encoded signals such as Dolby Digital Plus™, and Dolby TrueHD™, as well as DTS™ and DTS-HD™ signals. Additionally, it provides bit error detection in all received audio formats, ensuring the highest level of audio quality.

Embedded within the APx platform, the HDMI2+eARC module inherits the ease-of-use AP is known for, carrying forward the user-friendly experience of the previous HDMI module.

“Previously people have been forced to test using chip-level evaluation modules and cobbled together solutions. The APx HDMI2+eARC module makes testing televisions, soundbars, home theater receivers, internet streaming devices, and other HDMI2 devices a painless exercise while using the most trusted audio analyzer in the world.” – Daniel Knighten, General Manager, Audio Precision

The HDMI2+eARC module can be pre-installed in any new APx517, APx52x, APx58x, or APx555 analyzer. Moreover, it can be retrofitted to any existing B-Series APx analyzer by an APx service center or accredited service partner.