Innovative new radar sensor

News Editor

Non-contact level measurement for fluid media with an accuracy of ± 2 mm over a range of 0.01 to 10 m is offered by the new LW2120 radar level sensor from ifm electronic. This innovative sensor is equally suitable for use in closed tanks – either plastic or metal – or, with the addition of an accessory antenna, in open vessels such as sumps, chambers and Venturi flumes, where it can be incorporated in to a flow rate measurement system.

LW2120 sensors use an FMCW radar signal at a frequency of 80 GHz to measure the level of the liquid medium and thus offer completely non-contact operation. This means they are not subject to wear and do not suffer from the build-up of contaminants. In addition, the performance and accuracy of the sensors are totally unaffected by the presence of steam, vapours or condensates. A further important benefit is that the radar signal can measure through plastic materials, so the sensors can be conveniently mounted above plastic tanks such as IBC containers or chemical storage tanks.

For connections to the process control system, LW2120 sensors feature an IO-Link interface which ensures accurate data transmission even over long cables in electrically noisy environments. The IO-Link interface can also be used for remote parameterisation. To provide compatibility with conventional control systems, LW2120 sensors offer two further outputs which can optionally be configured as two switching outputs, for example to detect high and low level, or as one switching output and one 4-20 mA analogue output.

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