Infrared pyrometer with thermal imaging capabilities

Paul Boughton

LumaSense Technologies Inc added the integrated ISR 6-TI Advanced to its IMPAC pyrometer and imaging portfolio for increased control and optimisation of manufacturing processes in metals, glass, and other materials industries.

The ISR 6-TI Advanced combines pyrometry with infrared imaging technology to produce 'Relative' thermal images. ‘Relative’ thermal images are produced by measuring the temperature of the centre spot with a ratio pyrometer and using an infrared filter to show an auto-calibrated thermal image based on the highly accurate ratio pyrometer temperature reading.

The system is based on the ISR 6 Advanced pyrometer and a video camera that utilises a short wavelength infrared filter. The resulting ISR 6-TI Advanced system operates in a short wavelength (around 1μm) for accurate and reliable temperature measurements between 700°C and 1,800°C. The analogue video output signal is converted to USB and fed to a PC using LumaSense's InfraWin software.

The InfraWin software generates and shows a ‘Relative’ thermal image from this signal. LumaSense's InfraWin software also provides temperature, data logging, and analysis features. The ISR 6-TI Advanced paints a more-accurate picture for identifying potential issues before they lead to problems that impact process performance, a key benefit for materials manufacturers running heat-dependent processes.

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