Industrial PCs aimed at Industry 4.0

Louise Smyth

Drive and control specialist Bosch Rexroth has launched a new range of industrial PCs (IPCs) aimed specifically at Industry 4.0 applications and harsh operating environments.

Fitted with enhanced processors and offering a multitude of expansion options, the IndraControl VPB40.4 has been designed to withstand high demands on computing power created by the control and regulation of complex processes and systems.

The new IndraControl VPB40.4 range draws on the proven system architecture of the previous IndraControl generation which is tried and tested in rugged conditions. Equipped with the latest Intel processors, these devices offer several times greater performance than their predecessors.

As well as significantly enhanced graphics performance, the VPB40.4 range supports the most demanding visualisation requirements required for future machines and system concepts.

For system visualisation and operation, the range can be paired with the tried and tested operating displays of the IndraControl VDP series, including multi-touch version.

The new IPCs include two Gbit LAN network connections and seven USB interfaces, as well as a connection for the operating display and another for monitors with display port interfaces.

Either two or four plug-in locations for PCI and PCIe plug-in cards are available for hardware extensions. For mass memory, users can choose between conventional hard disks and wear-free solid state storage, and select from a Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.

The pre-installed software includes language extensions, embedded and security features, as well as software tools for maintenance and diagnosis.

The range is supplemented by high-performance software packages for tasks such as control, regulation, visualisation, data processing, analysis and networking.