Hygienic pallet made from food-grade HDPE plastic

23rd February 2015

Cabka-IPSʼ new Hygienic i7.1 is made exclusively of food-grade HDPE plastic. As the pallet does not have any cavities, dirt does not accumulate and it is easy to clean. Image: Cabka-IPS
The rounded edges on all sides and internally make the Hygienic i7.1 particularly reliable in automated conveyor systems. Image: Cabka-IPS

The new hygienic pallet Hygienic i7.1 made by Cabka-IPS is a further development of Hygienic i7. This pallet is suitable for food, meat, and pharmaceutical logistics and for all situations where a combination of mechanical performance and highest hygiene requirements are needed.

No matter whether it is the frame, skids, or upper or lower deck, the Hygienic i7.1 is made exclusively of food-grade HDPE plastic. The continuous smooth surface of the closed pallet prevents dirt from accumulating. There are no joints, slots, grooves, or other cavities whatsoever where mould or bacteria could settle. The special pallet design allows for easy and fast cleaning.

The Hygienic i7.1 has rounded cornerson all sides and internally on the blocks and skids. The advantages: the risk of damage is reduced to a minimum and the transport in automated conveyor systems is optimised. The new development of the internal rounded corners prevents fork arms from misaligning with the pallet, which interrupts the logistical process, and causes additional costs.

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