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The technology leader for high precision thermoregulation solutions in research and industry

Huber Kältemaschinenbau is the technology leader for high precision thermoregulation solutions in research and industry. Our products ensure precise temperature control in laboratories, pilot plants and production processes from -125°C to 425°C. The company employs approximately 250 employees at its headquarters in Offenburg and operates internationally with offices and trading partners. More than 140,000 Huber temperature control products are in use in science, research and industrial applications.


Temperature Control Solutions for Laboratory
The Huber product range offers solutions for all temperature applications from -125 °C to 425 °C. The range includes highly dynamic temperature control solutions with cooling capacities up to 250 kW as well as chillers and heating and cooling thermostats for applications in laboratory, pilot plant and production.Typical applications can be found in the automotive industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, aerospace engineering and medical industry. For many applications we supply custom-tailored solutions.

Dynamic Temperature Control Systems to achieve rapid heat-up and cool-down
For more than 20 years, the dynamic thermoregulation of the Unistat range introduced a revolution in fluid temperature control. Unistats are the ideal solution for fast and precise temperature control of externally connected applications. In comparison to other circulators, the Unistats offer rapid temperature change and a wide temperature range without fluid change. There are over 60 models to choose from with cooling powers from 0,7 to 130 kW. Whatever the application, Unistats provide professional scale-up offering the same stable process conditions from the development lab to production systems.  

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Heating and Cooling Circulators - Laboratory Water Baths
The circulators are split into two product lines, the CC-models and the simpler MPC models. Both product lines represent classically constructed laboratory circulators with open baths. Baths and circulators for heating applications up to 300 °C are available, as well as models for heating and cooling applications from -90 °C to 200 °C. Immersion or bridge circulators are suitable for thermal control of existing baths. The Ministat, the smallest cooling and heating circulator in the world, is the first choice for operation in fume-hoods or integrating into systems.
Bath & circulation thermostats are suitable for temperature control of externally connected applications. There is furthermore the option to insert objects like samples, sensors, etc. directly into the open thermostat bath. The devices are fitted with long-life bath vessels made out of high quality stainless steel and have pump connections on the rear as standard.
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Chillers and Coolers - Recirculating Coolers / Immersion Coolers
Many applications depend on a reliable source of cooling. Circulating chillers in the Unichiller range offer an ideal solution for environmentally friendly and economical cooling in laboratory and industry. There are over 50 air and water cooled models to choose from, with cooling powers from 0,3 to 50 kW. Efficient energy management in all Huber chillers ensures low operating costs and reduced usage of valuable fresh water. Huber circulating chillers are a resource saving solution with a quick return on investment.

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